The Safe Steer Hydrofin Dual Rudder range of “No Drill – Clamp On” Hydrofins cure the wandering effect often felt when Outboard and Stern Drive engines are used at low speeds on the estuary and inland waterways, especially at low speed when mooring up or on windy days.

Navigate a straight course more easily, improved Auto pilot life with reduced inputs and safer controlled directional control.

Hydrofin Dual rudders include up to the DRS 35hp Outboards and the DRL for over 35hp Outboards. Volvo Penta 250 / 270 Mercruiser and Enfield Stern Drive also use the DRL. Volvo Penta 280 / 290 SP DP with exhaust cavitation plates use the DRVP. Dual rudders on a Hydrofin giving three times the control of a single rudder with performance improvements too.

TILT-R endThe Safe Steer Rudder range of “No Drill – Bolted Strap” Rudders cure the wandering effect often felt when outboard and stern drive engines are used at low speeds on rivers and canals.

The ability to navigate easily in a straight line makes for a much more relaxed, and safer, day out for the helmsman.

Rudders include the static range for outboard and stern drives and the tilting version too. We have fitted rudders to the range of outboards available as well as stern drives for Volvo Penta, Volvo 280/290, Mercruiser Gen 2, Enfield Z drives and BMW stem drives.

Safe Pond Tunnels made in our boat grade GRP. Clear, weed free water by having a second feeding pond attached to the existing pond using our swim through tunnel. Manage nitrates from food and fish waste with water flow control to reduce weed breakouts.

Feeding in one pond side controls nitrates. Water in the feeding pond, pumped to the main filter. Water flow in through the tunnel, filter cleaned, from the living pond.

Giving Koi an interesting adventure and environment every time they use the tunnel.

The Safe Boat range of products are produced in the United Kingdom to overcome everyday problems.

Products that inspire and make a difference!