Welcome to the Safe Boat range of products for boat owners.

TILT-R endThe Safe Steer Rudder range cures the wandering effect often felt when outboard and stern drive engines are used at low speeds on rivers and canals. The ability to navigate easily in a straight line makes for a much more relaxed, and safer, day out for the helmsman.

Rudders include the static range for outboard and stern drives and the tilting version too. We have fitted rudders to the range of outboards available as well as stern drives for Volvo Penta, Volvo 280/290, Mercruiser Gen 2, Enfield Z drives and BMW stem drives.

Safe Cooling ManifoldThe Safe Cooling Manifolds in stainless steel a range of manifolds to replace the old corroded cast manifolds from the 50’s to 70’s. This manifold is the replacement for Morris Vedette 1100cc petrol engines. We can adapt our manufacturing techniques to make most manifolds being used on the rivers and at sea.

The Safe Boat range of products are produced in the United Kingdom to overcome everyday problems.

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