The Hydrofin Dual Rudder Range of “No Drill – Clamp On” Hydrofins helps cure the wandering effect often felt when Outboard and Stern Drive engines are used at low speeds on the estuary and inland waterways, especially at low speed when mooring up or on windy days.

Navigate a straight course more easily, improved Auto pilot life with reduced inputs and safer controlled directional control.

Hydrofin Dual Rudders include variants for Outboard and Stern Drives, suitable for single and dual propeller, which give up to three times the control of a single rudder, together with performance improvements.

TILT-R endThe Classic Safe Steer Single Rudder range – “No Drill – Bolted Strap”.

This rudder will help to cure the wandering effect often felt when outboard engines are used at low speeds on rivers and canals.

The ability to navigate easily in a straight line makes for a much more relaxed, and safer, day out at the helm.

Rudders include the static range for up to 10hp outboards and the tilting version for up to 15hp. We have fitted rudders to the range of manufacturer outboard engines from 8hp to 15hp.

The Safe Boat range of products are produced in the United Kingdom to overcome everyday problems.

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