Hydrofin TPBDRXSS (Trolling Plate Brake universal fit to DRXS and DRS Dual Rudder Hydrofin Models)

For 3.9hp to 35hp Outboard Engines

Hydrofin Trolling Plate and Rubber Braking System, for slow speed positional control when troll fishing.

Hydrofin Trolling Plate / Rubber Braking SystemHydrofin Trolling Plate / Rubber Braking SystemHydrofin Trolling Plate / Rubber Braking System

See our videos below for more information.

  • Bolts onto the Hydrofin Rudder Models DRXS and DRS
  • No holes in the Outboard cavitation plate
  • Simple design, without hinges to lock up and down and no messing about
  • Fit it, forget about it and just go fishing
  • Rubber brake for slow speed troll fishing
  • Lifts by bending out of the prop wash, for faster use, to get back on the fishing spot

This speed braking system is used for fishing in water flow where a brake is needed to slow the boat for prolonged “on the spot fishing”.

The combination with the Hydrofin Rudder System allows for accurate steering and positioning on that “spot”.

With the Hydrofin Rudder System, a fast turn return is easier and faster too, and at a lower speed to avoid water disturbance.

The rubber brake can be left in position for faster boat use as it simply bends backward under power and out of the propeller drive wash.

The rubber brake can also be removed by pulling upward and out, if required, to go home.

Hydrofin Trolling Plate – on land
Hydrofin Trolling Plate – in the water