The Hydrofin Dual Rudder ranges, with the “No Drill – Clamp On” system, cure the wandering effect often felt when boats with outboard engines or Stern Drives are used at low speeds on inland waterways, estuaries and out at sea.

“I designed this Hydrofin in 2019 using experience gained in the Formula Renault Racing Team and knowledge of the F1 GP rear wing Aerofin. A Hydrofin that will lift, stabilize and control a boats poor standard handling characteristics.

This product will transform your boat and make going out a pleasure, allowing you to relax and enjoy the cruise.

Easy no propeller revolution mooring steering control and a straight course banishing that constant wandering” !.

Machine laser cut, engineered  plastic and metal rudders, for accurate fitting and balance.

The ability to navigate straight and moor up makes for a much more relaxed, and safer, day out for the crew at the helm.

The Safe Steer range of Hydrofin Dual Rudders come in two variants:

Why Should You Use Safeboat Rudders?

“I took off, a market leader, metal rudder from this customers Honda 15hp Outboard to find this wear damage. Outboard engines are made of aluminium casting which is very weak and when constantly rubbed by any metal rudder, due to the propeller wash action, will quickly wear through the thin 4mm cavitation plate.

Our Classic Single Rudders in engineering plastic will NOT do this. Our Hydrofin Dual Rudders with rubber insulated, clamp on system, will NOT do this to your expensive Outboard Engine”.