Hydrofin DRL (Dual Rudder Large)

For 36hp to 60hp Outboard Engines

  • A 2 x rudder system on a Hydrofin Body, which attaches to the Outboard Engine using the cavitation plate
  • Clamps securely into place, without the need to drill holes into the cavitation plate, and with Rubber Strips to secure, protect and isolate
  • The Rudders allow for accurate steering and to maintain a straight course with ease
  • The Hydrofin Main Plate with a 30 degree rear down angle flap to encourage lift, stability and control by increasing and directing water flow
  • Speed rating is determined by the boat steering method : Cable or Hydraulic Steering
  • Cable Steering up to 16 Knots / Hydraulic Steering over 16 Knots.

There is some cross over between the DRXLFS2+2 Model with this DRL Model : Cable Steering boats AND OR 50hp to 60hp Outboard Engines used at speeds greater than 16 Knots. In these cases discuss this requirement with our expert as the best option may be the DRXLFS2+2 as it has been specifically designed for Large Outboards and Stern Drive Units that are used at high speeds over 16 Knots.

There are no optional extras for this DRL Model at present. However should you require a Propeller Guard, the DRS optional Propeller Guard may fit subject to your Outboard Engine propeller diameter. Again, discuss this with our expert. Keep in mind such a device on a large Outboard Engine will cause a speed reduction due to the increased drag.

Hydrofin DRL – first make your fitting template
Hydrofin DRL – fitting on Large Outboard Engines

Fitting Instructions

Simple to fit (full instructions provided, copy below); slides onto the leg, above the cavitation plate, and tighten the clamping system.