Hydrofin Stern Drive Rudders for River use

Click on the picture below, that relates to your outboard engine, for more details:

for Enfield for river use

for Mercruiser for river use

DRVP250270 400R
for Volvo Penta 250/270 for river use

DRVP280290 400R
for Volvo Penta 280/290 for river use

The Stern Drive range of Hydrofin Rudders, with the “No Drill – Just Clamp On” system.

A solution to transform your boats poor handling characteristics to improve performance and handle well. Enjoy your boat more !

“Fitting a  Hydrofin Dual Rudder from Safeboat gave amazing results with improved control and performance enhancements.”

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“I designed this Hydrofin in 2019 using experience gained in the Formula Renault Racing Team and knowledge of the F1 GP rear wing Aerofin. A Hydrofin that will lift, stabilize and control a boats poor standard handling characteristics.

This product will transform your boat and make going out a pleasure, allowing you to relax and enjoy the cruise.

Easy no propeller revolution mooring steering control and a straight course banishing that constant wandering” !