DRVP280290FS2+2 (Dual Rudder Volvo Penta 280/290 Fast Speeds) for sea use

DRVP280290 FS2+2For Volvo Penta 280 and 290 Model Stern Drive Units.
Full width, Oval Exhaust Outlet Cavitation Plate

  • A 2 + 2 rudder system on a reduced width Hydrofin Body, which attaches to the Stern Drive Units using the cavitation plate
  • Clamps securely into place, without the need to drill holes into the cavitation plate, and with Rubber Strips to secure, protect and isolate
  • The Rudders allow for accurate steering and to maintain a straight course with ease
  • The option included in the kit for 2 or 4 rudders to be used depending on the boat performance needs. Discuss this with our expert
  • The Hydrofin Main Plate with reduced width and length,  keeps control by increasing and directing water flow past the horizontal rudders
  • Speed rating is determined by the boat steering method:
    • Cable Steering up to 20 Knots 2 + 2 Rudders (Over 20 Knots 2 Rudders)
    • Hydraulic Steering over 20 Knots 2 + 2 or 2 Rudders fitted.

Designed specifically the Volvo Penta Model 280 and 290 Stern Drive Units, Single or Duo Propeller.

Pictured left, the Full width Oval Exhaust Outlet Cavitation Plate on a customers boat.

Fitting Instructions

Simple to fit (full instructions provided, copies below); slides onto the leg, above the cavitation plate, and tighten the clamping system.

Hydrofin 280/290 – fitting to Volvo Penta