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DRXLM FS 2+2 on a Mercruiser Alpha One
DRXLM FS 2+2 on a Mercruiser Alpha One
Hi Steve, what a result, I cannot believe the difference the fin made. It was so easy to keep the boat straight so much so that my 8 year old and my wife found navigating the waterway very easy. Can’t thank you enough for the great Hydrofin !. Best regards Ed DRXLM FS 2+2 on a Mercruiser Alpha One – Ed from Norfolk Broads
DRXL 2+2 for fast Sea UseSo after fitting the DRXL 2+2 for fast Sea Use, I took it out a few times. I have to say it has made a huge difference to the wandering tendencies of our speed boat at low speed !

Really impressed with it and has 100% improved the boat over all. It is faster to get on the plane, more economical and looks the part as well. It was easy to install in around 20mins and gives great results.

Highly recommended for anyone with a sea going boat in the broads water ways 😉 David from Norwich, Suzuki 60hp
“A dream to fit the DRXL FS300 2 + 2 FOR FAST SEA USE The difference in steering at slow speeds in the marina is just amazing !
Does everything Steve promised, loving it, thank you for giving me back steering control.”
John from Penzance, Suzuki 70hp
“Ahoy Steve,  I took my boat on  a 50 mile cruise last week up the Columbia River for more testing.  Still amazed at how much better it steers with your product I ran miles at a time at 3 different RPM’s and also with my Honda kicker to get a good feel for handling.” 2555 Bayliner Cabin Cruiser powered by a 350 Chevy V-8, with a single Volvo DuoProp outdrive – Jerry from Oregon (READ THE FULL COMMUNICATION BETWEEN JERRY AND SAFEBOAT)
“We’ve been using the new hydrofin dual rudder attachment for a few days now and the improvement is remarkable. Thanks for all your help….you’ve saved me the cost of a new boat.”  Cheers, Jason
“We fitted this whilst the boat was in the water with no issues at all. It has greatly improved our straight line course and steering !” Honda 20hp – Adam from Dorset
“Old Rudder Safe Course Keeper taken off & yours mounted. My dad said it’s perfect. Steering is much better now, he is so happy with this! Thank you so much!” Yamaha 8hp – Samira from Netherlands
“Ahoy Steve, Initial observations are excellent ! Slow speed wander went from 15 degrees down to just under 5 degrees, making a relative joy at 5kts! High speed on plane, straight and true as usual and I did not notice any adverse effects, these results exceeded my expectations. Mooring easy too…..THANK YOU” !!. Volvo Penta 280 – Jerry from Oregon USA
“Ruddy hell mate! What a transformation! Very, very happy – we weren’t expecting that level of stability. Noisy worn ball pivot quiet now. I’ll pop in one day after work this week to return the torque wrench if I may” Volvo Penta 270 Ray from Kings Lynn
“Good for mooring in what is quite a tight finger mooring. Nice one” Tohatsu 50 – Jim from Dorset
Jim also later said ”When at sea I had to manoeuvre through a gang of learner paddle boarders. No problem; steered like a Morris minor and returned to the berth without damaging any of them. Opened it up and it climbed to a plane at much slower speeds than before – RESULT !”
“Now steers in a straight line and can let go of steering wheel without it spinning to left or right.  Works a treat, put the pleasure back into pleasure boating, Thanks for your help”. Yamaha Stern Drive – Dick from Brundall
“Saw what the Hydrofin Rudder did for Sami, so bought one and same fantastic results for me too” Yamaha 15hp – Omar from Netherlands
“It does what you said and all we hoped for, at 16 knots it was great !!” Mercruiser Stern Drive – Pauola from Spain
“Great mate, gets my 12 foot fun boat on the plane quicker and steers like a dream” Evinrude 15hp – Gary from Cambridge
“Could not moor my Shetlland very well, now I can with ease” Mercury 9.9hp Big Foot – James from EA
“Wow…..even the wife is happy now, no more shouting when mooring, she says thank you very much. No more wandering about and keeps a course even in the wind” Volvo Penta 280 – Peter from Hull
“Fitted easily. Then took the boat out and I am amazed of the difference. The boat steers on course. It was such a pain before as I had to constantly spin the wheel back and forth. I can relax more at the helm and it will also save on wear. The marina is a bit like a maze and I can potter around it at tick over in comfort. Great piece of gear.” Honda 15hp – Geoff from Manchester
“We are over the moon with the twin rudder system, transformed our boat, will highly recommend to anyone who has a steering problem, top job many thanks” Mercury 15hp – Pete
“Took all of five minutes to fit. No more holes needed and extra rubber not used. “Weave” eliminated and much easier to park !” Enfield 130 Stern Drive – Jimmy
“Weaving and wondering gone, worn rattling stern drive ball joint is now quiet, smooth controlled cruiser even in a tidal flow” Volvo Penta 280 – John B from Poole
“ I bought the wrong boat as new to boating, a sea boat for river use !. This FS 300 Fast Use Hydrofin has made this the perfect boat for river and sea use. Thanks”. Mercruiser Gen II – Andrew from Northallerton